Audrey Ficus in Mint Blue Pot


If the soft velvety leaves don’t get you then the fact that Ficus Audrey is the fiddle leaf fig’s easy-going cousin surely will! She has gorgeous big leaves just like all her ficus cousins, but Audrey is way more chilled and easy to care for and is fast taking the top spot as the interior design world’s most used plant.

Place in bright indirect light. Never put the Ficus Audrey in direct sun as her leaves will burn and if left in too low light for too long, she will start to drop leaves. Like a fiddle leaf fig, she doesn’t like to be moved once she’s found her happy place and can start to drop leaves if you move her around too much.

Always check the soil of your Ficus Audrey with a moisture metre before watering. Allow the topsoil to dry out 3 inches between waters. She likes one big drenching in the shower every couple of weeks rather than small cups of water more often. In the cooler months, you will find Audrey needs less water as the soil takes longer to dry out and don’t worry about showers. Whatever you do, don’t leave water sitting in the drip tray for more than a day.

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