Fuzzy Bear


Gorgeous Fuzzy Bear

Brown, 40cm


Fuzzy Bear

There’s something to be said for the classics. They’ve stood the test of time and with good reason. Whether it be a classic car, an old favourite food or even a song from your past that immediately transports you back to the first time you heard it, nothing can ever quite compare to the original. This is definitely the case when it comes to teddy bears. The classic brown fuzzy bear is iconic through literature and film over the years as a sign for reassurance, security, comfort and love. Our classic brown fuzzy bear is no exception. Why mess with the classics. Standing at 40cm high this classic chocolate brown coloured fuzzy bear is a must have to add to any collection. A stunning addition to your flower selection, brownie points will sky rocket when they lay their eyes on this cute little fella. Available both online and instore at our gorgeous shop in North Croydon, these beautiful little friends never tend to last long.

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