Small Mushroom Terrarium

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Terrariums are all the rage and it is not hard to see why. They are an ideal environment for many plants to flourish and are in essence, a teeny tiny garden you can keep inside.  The glass walls allow heat and light to enter creating an environment conducive to plant growth and the open top allows the medium fishbowl terrariums to remain free from excess moisture. They’re stylish and interesting to look at whilst still being extremely low maintenance. Awesome for apartment living, busy lifestyles o just an interesting talking point for your dining table a terrarium makes for a really thoughtful gift. Available with succulents or ferns they sit at around the 20cm mark and are perfect for virtually any occasion.


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Measuring 14cms high x 10cms wide

Each Terrarium may vary in ornaments with the option of succulents or ferns.

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Terrarium Plant Type

Ferns, Succulents