Scentsational Flowers Tulip Bouquets in 10, 20 or 30 stem quantities.

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Tulip Bouquets

The second most popular flower to send behind roses of course are tulips. They are extremely versatile, last a long time, look gorgeous before, during and after blooming and are quite hardy making them a popular choice for floral gifts and arrangements. Different tulips are often used for symbolic reasons with the differing colours convey different sentiments. Things like red tulips for perfect love, purple for royalty, yellow are for cheerful thoughts but tulips overall are generally a choice to convey love.

Helpful Tip – A great way to keep your tulips looking fresher for longer. Recut the stems underwater about an inch above the original cut to aid in their ability to drink the water for the first hour or two, be sure to remove any waste or wilted material from the arrangement as it occurs and also keep them out of direct sunlight.

Available in 10, 20 and 30 stem quantities.

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Number of Stems

10 stems, 20 stems, 30 stems


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