White & Green Milkbottle Arrangement


Petite posies of mixed seasonal blooms perfect gift self contained in a vase to keep finished with a polka dot ribbon.

Great for hospital, nursing homes or when space is at a premium.


White & Green Milkbottle Arrangement

Quite obviously used to cart and deliver milk in times gone by, milk bottles really do carry a nostalgic quality all of their own. Gorgeous in their simplicity, a milk bottle vase is fast becoming an extremely popular trend as opposed to an ordinary vase. Our White & Green Milkbottle Arrangement takes up a lot less room than its vase counterpart, a milk bottle allows the flower arrangement to be the true hero of your chosen display area while being a gorgeous statement piece all of it ‘s own.

Our White & Green Milkbottle Arrangement is the thoughtful gift that lasts a lifetime.

These Milk Bottle vases are available in our online store as well as through our gorgeous North Croydon store at 9 Exeter Road Croydon North.  Our professional friendly staff are available to answer any questions you may have here.



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Dimensions 25 cm