White & Green Flower Arrangement in Wooden Box

White & Green Flower Arrangement in Wooden Box
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White & Green Flower Arrangement in Wooden Box are available in a stunning selection of ornate, stunning or rustic boxes perfectly matched to suit any occasion. The wooden box arrangements available can house your chosen flowers for the entirety of their display but then also can be utilised again and again for other arrangements, as a decorative keepsake and even a useful container for all sorts of uses around the house. The possibilities are endless.

Rustic recycled wooden box a customer favourite in store, beautiful blooms a selection of different foliages and others goodies fresh from the market designed to reflect a flowering garden.

Over 30 years’ experience within the floral industry has equipped Scentsational with the know how to deliver exactly what you desire, every time. These arrangements are designed to look like a fresh outdoor garden in your own home.

Helpful Tip – Keep your flowers fresher for longer by removing any waste or wilted material from the arrangement, keeping them out of direct sunlight and watering daily.

Please feel free to browse our selection of wooden box arrangements below and to contact our friendly and professional staff with any questions or queries.