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Flower Bouquets


Our stunning flower bouquets at Scentsational Flowers are lovingly arranged to suit any occasion. Utilising only the highest quality native, oriental and tulips our bouquets need to be seen to be believed. Coming in varieties that arrive gift wrapped, in a vase, a gorgeous milk bottle or fish bowl, our bouquet selection can suit any occasion. More than just pretty, a bouquet can uplift their intended recipient’s day as well as letting them know just how special they are

Flowers are now being credited with a whole host of other benefits. Beside aesthetic value flowers can aid in reducing stress, inspire creative thinking and even reduce anxiety. All whilst looking and smelling wonderful.

Helpful Tip – A great way to keep your flowers fresher for longer is to water them daily, be sure to remove any waste or wilted material from the arrangement as it occurs as well as keep them out of direct sunlight.

Please feel free to browse our selection of bouquets. You can also contact Scentsational Flower’s friendly and professional staff with any questions you may have here.